Q: Why do I need estimating and quoting software?
A: Time Saving and Accuracy: Estimating and quoting is complicated and consumes a lot of time that is better spent on other more profitable activities. Also often mistakes are made that can cost you money or a lost job. ;

Q: Is the software easy to use? Do I need special computer skills?
A: You only need to have basic computer skills to be able to use our software. We provide full training (and back up service) and will ensure that you are fully up and running (and productive) before we leave you alone to work by yourself.

Q: Do I need a special or expensive new computer?
A: No, our software works on any computer running windows newer than XP.

Q: What if I need help after my training?
A: We have a support email system whereby if you have a problem you just have to email us and we will assist you over the internet. We also provide phone support if required. Additional training can also be organised.

Q: What is my time worth?
A: Many of our clients typically ask this question. Our answer to this is that you need to consider what you want to earn on an annual basis then divide by the numbers of hours you WANT to work per year. Our software WILL save you time and will pay for itself in a short time, plus you will have had time to do other things like fishing, golf, family activities.

Q: Why is it so important to cost jobs accurately?
A: There is no point winning jobs if you are losing money. You need to know what your costs are so you can quote properly and win profitable jobs. By using our backcosting process you will know exactly what your profit or loss was for future quoting.

Q: Can I export info from this program into my accounting package, so I don't have to enter things twice?
A: Absolutely! Our software integrates with accounting software programs such as MYOB, Xero, and eAccounts.