Our professional software package. Specially for Independent Builders, Group House builders, Builders’ Merchants…

BUILDMASTER Professional is a building estimating program with built in procedures and formula's.

The software enables building contracts to be estimated in significantly less time than using traditional methods.

The program prompts the user to follow a process that makes sure that nothing is forgotten and this reduces errors and omissions which translate into lost money for the Builder.


Automatically generated material and labour amounts
- The material quantities and labour amounts are automatically produced using built in formulas. Measure the plan using CADMASTER (or enter in manually) the area of each floor, perimeter, type and size of foundations, type of cladding, size of joinery openings, type of interior lining, number and sizes of doors etc...

Purchase orders - BUILDMASTER Professional also produces purchase orders for all materials including Sub-contractors. These purchase orders can be made up of loads set out to arrive on the job or as you need them.

Back costing - Enter the actual supplier invoices then compare the items from the purchase orders Produce reports showing the actual costs vs. estimated costs. Supplier invoices can be directly exported to selected accounting packages (such as MYOB or Zero) saving the duplication of re-processing.

Speed - BUILDMASTER Professional has been proven to be much quicker than other estimating procedures because we have eliminated the repetition.

Accuracy - There is less chance of making errors or omissions because we use built in formule that reduce the likelihood of items being overlooked or miscalculated.



Includes CADMASTER!  -  Throw away your scale rule!! 

CADMASTER is an electronic viewing and measuring program that is comparable with drawing files and PDF files. 

CADMASTER can be used as a standalone package or can be integrated with ALL our applications for builders, building merchants, concrete contractors, drain layers, electricians, fencing contractors, flooring contractors, land developers, landscaping, painters, roofing, tiling and almost any trade where measuring is needed. 

While the functions of measuring and counting may appear to be quite simple in concept, CADMASTER really delivers additional productivity in its ability to export directly to BUILDMASTER Professional or to be sent to a spreadsheet for later use. CADMASTER does not require a plan to be drawn to any standard scale, if the plan is in proportion and has at least one measurement that can be used for calibration purposes. 


Load up the plan and do the following functions:

Automated Counting - CADMASTER can be used to count anything that needs to be counted in the building estimating process. Items such as internal doors, door stops, exterior corners, exterior posts, slim line corners etc. are all automatically calculated by this program, reducing your time requirements and removing the risk of error.

Accurate Measuring- Line, measures a length. Turn the repeat function on and measure cumulative multiple lengths ( lineal meters of internal walls, length of drainage etc). Use this tool and reduce your reliance on paper drawings. This method will ensure that your measurements are accurate.

Closed polyline- Use this function to calculate an outside measurement together with the area of a non rectangular shape ( area and perimeter of building, area of concrete driveways etc).

Rectangle- uses this tool to measuring regular shapes as it will give perimeter, area, length, height and width (exterior windows and doors).

While the examples of use given mainly relate to general construction the CADMASTER program can be used for other trades and applications.